International Workshop on Government Energy Management Programme
Workshop Summary

Workshop Summary


A two-day workshop on government sector energy efficiency provided an opportunity for dialogue and sharing of experiences between Chinese officials and leading experts from other countries. The participants reached important conclusions on the benefits from improving energy efficiency in government facilities and operations. These benefits include direct savings of energy and money for government agencies, environmental benefits from avoiding pollution due to reduced energy use, and the important indirect benefit of government leadership in energy efficiency in setting an example for the rest of the economy. The workshop identified important issues and practical next steps to improve energy efficiency in government procurement, in the design and construction of new buildings, and in the operation of existing facilities. Finally, there was broad consensus among the participants on the value of continuing international cooperation and information exchanges.

Download the full Workshop Summary in PDF format [summary.pdf - 13 pages, 148 KB]

Day One
Sept. 22, 2003

Day Two
Sept. 23, 2003

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