International Workshop on Government Energy Management Programme
Day Two

Workshop Summary

Session II: International Experience (continued)

Session Chair:
Dr. Alan Meier, IEA

The Federal Buildings Initiative
Text: PDF - 52 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 6.2 MB]
Mr. John Brennan, Chief, Federal Buildings Institute, Natural Resources Canada

Issues in Energy-Efficient Government Procurement: Lessons from the U.S.
Text: PDF - 112 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 18.7 MB]
Mr. Jeffrey Harris, LBNL


Session III: Introduction of China’s Government Energy Management Programme

Session Chair:
Mr. Li Tienan, Director, China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Products (CECP)

Progress of Energy Efficiency Work in China [Presentation: PDF - 92 KB]
Mr. Xu Zhiqiang, Director, Department of Environment and Resource Comprehensive Utilization, NDRC

Energy Efficiency Policies and Practice in Shanghai
Text: PDF - 80 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 3.1 MB]
Mr. Chen Jinhai, Director, Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection Division, Shanghai Economy Committee

Present Status of China Building Energy Efficiency and Advice on How to Promote Government Office Building Energy Efficiency
Presentation: PDF - 684 KB]
Dr. Gao Peijun, Building Energy Efficiency Office, Ministry of Construction

Briefing on the Energy Efficiency Practice and Pilot Project of Shenzhen City Government Agencies
Text: PDF - 76 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 556 KB]
Mr. Wang Bing, Deputy Director-General, Economic and Trade Bureau, Shenzhen City

The Current Situation of Government Procurement in China [Presentation: PDF - 140 KB]
Mr. Yan Kun, Research Institute for Fiscal Science, Ministry of Finance


Concluding Remarks: Wrap-up and Summary of Main Themes from International Experience

Summary and Comments [Presentation: PDF - 68 KB]
Dr. Alan Meier, IEA and Mr. David Fridley, LBNL

Comments from the Host
Mr. Liu Xianfa, NDRC


Session IV: Programme Discussion

Session Chair:
Mr. Liu Xianfa, NDRC


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Sept. 22, 2003

Day Two
Sept. 23, 2003

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