International Workshop on Government Energy Management Programme
Day One

Workshop Summary

Opening Session

Session Chair
Mr. Liu Xianfa, Deputy Director-General, Department of Environment and Resource Comprehensive Utilization, National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC)

NDRC Welcome Address [PDF - 88 KB]
Ms. Zhao Jiarong, Director-general, Department of Environment and Resource Comprehensive Utilization, NDRC

Energy Foundation Address
Mr. Yang Fuqiang, Vice President, Energy Foundation

CNIS Welcome Address [PDF - 64 KB]
Mr. Jiao Yunqi, President, China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS)

Introduction of International Experts
Mr. David Fridley, Staff Scientist, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)


Session I: Overview of International Initiatives

Session Chair:
Mr. Liu Xianfa, NDRC

Overview of International Experience and Best Practice
Text: PDF - 112 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 1.6 MB]
Mr. Jeffrey Harris, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, LBNL

Harnessing the Power of Europe’s Public Purse ­ €12 billion is Just the Start
Text: PDF - 80 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 2.4 MB]
Mr. Nils Borg, President, Borgco - Consultant to European Commission SAVE Program


Session II: International Experience and Best Practice in Specified Countries

Session Chair:
Mr. Jeffrey Harris, LBNL

Federal Energy Management Program
Text: PDF - 72 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 9.2 MB]
Mr. Mark Ginsberg, Board of Directors, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Department of Energy (DOE)
and Former Director, US DOE Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

Energy Star® Energy Efficiency Endorsement Labeling Program
Text: PDF - 56 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 21.2 MB]
Mr. Gary R. McNeil, US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)


Session II: International Experience (continued)

Session Chair:
Dr. Alan Meier, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Enhancement of Energy Efficient Appliances Use in Korea
Text: PDF - 80 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 880 KB]
Mr. NAM Ki Woong and Mr. BYUN Chun Suk, Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO)

Government Energy Management in Japan [PDF - 124 KB]
Mr. Hidetoshi Nakagami, President, Jyukankyo Research Institute

Australia’s Experience in Improving Energy Efficiency in Government
Text: PDF - 104 KB] [Presentation: PDF - 1.5 MB]
Ms. Kay Abel, Team Manager - Buildings, Finance, and Government, Australia Greenhouse Office

The US Government Executive Order to Reduce Standby Power Use [Presentation: PDF - 3.1 MB]
Dr. Alan Meier, IEA

Day One
Sept. 22, 2003

Opening Session
Session I
Session II
Session II (cont.)

Day Two
Sept. 23, 2003

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