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United States

The United States' Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), with an annual budget of $20-25 million, is the largest such initiative in the world. Its assortment of programs range from an extensive alternative financing effort (responsible for roughly one hundred million dollars worth of energy-saving retrofits each year) to a design assistance program to a high-profile annual awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of well over a hundred federal government employees.

A number of state and municipal agencies in the U.S. have also adopted public sector energy management programs to save energy and money in their own buildings, facility operations, vehicle fleets, and purchasing—as well as providing market leadership. A recent paper, "Energy-Efficient Purchasing by State and Local Government: Triggering a Landslide down the Slippery Slope to Market Transformation," [Energy Efficient Purchasing By State and Local Government.pdf - 116 KB] summarizes energy-efficient purchasing programs at the state and municipal government levels. Many of these programs use the same energy efficient procurement criteria as the federal agencies, which helps aggregate the market demand for efficient products.

Examples of programs and policies supporting these purchasing efforts include:

Federal Examples



  • Executive Order 13123 (6/3/ 99), "Greening the Government Through Efficient Energy Management"” [eo13123.pdf - 105 KB]
  • Executive Order 13221 (7/31/01), "Energy Efficient Standby Power Devices" [eo13221.pdf - 83 KB]
  • Energy Policy Act of 1992: Subtitle F - "Federal Agency Energy Managment" [epact92_f.pdf - 133 KB]
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR): Part 23, Subpart 23.2 - "Energy and Water Efficiency and Renewable Energy"


  • Model Policy Language for Energy Efficient Purchasing [Modelpol.pdf - 364 KB]

State Examples


  • Center for a New American Dream - Web sites with energy-efficient purchasing policies
  • Consortium for Energy Efficiency:

State and Local Government Purchasing Initiative

Procurement case studies

Guidebooks for market segments

Model Energy Efficiency Purchasing Policy [Purch_policy.pdf - 73 KB]

Model Program Plan [MPP_Final.pdf - 495 KB]



  • State law on environmentally preferrable purchasing
  • Task force to implement law
  • Management Memo #01-14, 7/20/01, "Procurement of Energy-Efficient Products" [mm01_14.pdf - 89 KB]
  • Executive Order S-20-04 - "Green Buildings Executive Order"





New Mexico

New York

  • State law on purchase of energy-efficient appliances (Section 5-108-a)
  • Executive Order 111 "Green and Clean State Buildings and Vehicles" (6/10/01) [exorder111.pdf - 479 KB]
  • Rulemaking notice for efficiency specifications
  • State government purchasing program for efficient equipment
  • Local government purchasing program for efficient office equipment


Municipal Examples


Alameda County, CA

King County, WA

New York City, NY

  • Local Law 30 (4/11/03) on energy-efficient procurement [law03030.pdf - 10 KB]

Portland, OR & Multnomah County, OR

San Francisco, CA

Santa Monica, CA