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Dominican Republic

The Secretary for Industry and Commerce of the Dominican Republic has developed a National Plan for Energy Conservation for governmental offices, industries, transport, households, and businesses. The plan is based on international experiences, including technical assistance from CONAE in Mexico. The goal is to reduce overall energy expenses by 12%, and thus also reduce emissions of CO2, SO2 and NOx. The government plans to establish the National Committee on Energy Efficiency to oversee a number of activities: training and information campaigns, the involvement of scientific and technical institutions, a national program to replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents, and the establishment of 'Energy Efficiency Units' to offer technical assistance to energy users. Within the governmental sector the goal is a 20% reduction in electricity costs. Plans include a coordinated program among the Energy Efficiency Committees to be created at each public institution. Other recommended actions will include:

  • adjusting thermostats and controlling work schedules (to reduce building operating hours)
  • cleaning light fixtures and unplugging unnecessary lights
  • activating the power management features in desktop computers
  • a training and awareness campaign for public employees

Additional actions, following a Presidential Decree, will promote the use of solar photovoltaics and other renewable energy systems. These will be funded by an added tax on fossil fuel sales (increasing annually, up to 5%.)