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As part of a new national energy efficiency program, the government launched a loan program in 1995 to retrofit public (outdoor) lighting as part of the transfer of responsibility for public lighting from utilities to municipal governments. The aim was to replace all mercury lamps with high-pressure sodium lamps by 1998. Another program established energy management guidelines for local government facilities in medium-size cities (up to 400,000). In October 2001, Law 697 was passed, providing a legislative framework for a new energy efficiency and renewable energy program called PROURE (Programa de Uso Racional y Eficiente de la Energía y Demas formas de Energía no Convencionales). The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) is charged with implementing this program, which includes a public lighting initiative and voluntary energy labeling for appliances and lighting. Large energy savings are expected from the public lighting initiative, which offers a new array of payment options from municipalities to the electricity providers.