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In Brazil, a government directive called for the creation of energy management committees in government enterprises. The national energy efficiency agency, PROCEL, estimated that electricity use in public buildings (for all three levels of government ­ federal, state, and municipal) was about 9.6 billion kWh/year, or around 3% of total electricity use in Brazil. Beginning in 1997, PROCEL provided grants and low-interest loans to retrofit 16 ministry buildings in Brasilia. Retrofit investments targeted to public buildings saved an estimated 40 GWh/year, with an additional 100 GWh/year saved from street lighting retrofits. Significantly higher savings in public buildings are proposed for future years. From 2001-2004, PROCEL plans to invest 7.6 million dollars in public building energy and water efficiency programs. Funding for these initiatives comes from a World Bank loan, co-financed by Electric Energy Concessions and the Brazilian Global Reserve. A few state governments also have established programs for energy efficiency audits and technical studies of public buildings.